The World of Knowledge, awards 2014

We got the jury’s special diploma for the film “Australia, a journey through the evolution,” a documentary that I wrote last year to Explora Films Films. Pics are from the awards ceremony 8th edition- international science film festival “World of Knowledge” in the city of St. Petersburg. And there is more. The film Wildmed, directed by Arturo Menor (ACAJU) and co-written by me won the “grand prix” prize in this festival.

Conseguimos el diploma especial del jurado para la película “Australia, un viaje a través de la evolución”, un documental que escribí el año pasado para Explora Films. Las imágenes son de la entrega de premios 8ª edición del festival internacional de cine científico “World of Knowledge” en la ciudad de San Petersburgo.  Y hay más. La película Wildmed, dirigida por Arturo Menor (ACAJU) y co-escrita por mi ganó el “grand prix” en este mismo festival.





The Cosmic Rain – finalist in Vaasa

We have been selected as finalist in the 2014 Vaasa Wildlife International Film Festival (Science section).

In this case I have two tickets for the show. My film “The cosmic rain” is finalist in the science section of the festival, but in a wildlife category the film “Wildmed, the last mediterranean forest” is also finalist. In this last film I am co-writer besides the director Arturo Menor (ACAJU).

I am happy to see also some other spanish productions in the list as Guadalquivir, Pollinators in action, Sons of Earth, Waterland, Herders of the mist and Greats.

See more about this festival here:




Camp 4Science – pitching workshop 2014


“A New Astronomy” is our latest project, now in development. We will present it next month in the Camp 4Science forum in Czech Republic.  Camp 4SCIENCE is a 1st international training and co-financing event focused on the development and funding of science documentary films in Europe.

Update: jul-2014:  “a new astronomy” is no longer the title for this documentary, is has changed to “Cloudy with a chance of cosmic rays”.


The Cosmic Rain – awards in World of Knowledge


AWARDS for The Cosmic Rain at World of Knowledge Film Festival

We have just arrived from the 8th edition of the “World of Knowledge international film festival” at Saint Petersburg, Russia. More than 300 films from all over the world were presented to the competition. The Cosmic Rain, our latest short film has got the next prizes in the competition:

  1. Diploma of the “Science and Life” magazine, for the original representation of a surprising physical phenomenon.
  2. Special prize from the festival funder.
  3. Special prize from the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.

The rest of the winners can be seen here:


A week in FICCAD – Doñana´s film festival


FICCAD. International film festival in Doñana.

We have spent a whole week at the Scientific and Environmental Film Festival at Doñana (FICCAD) meeting wonderful people and seeing some high quality films. The photograph is an interview for “Cuatro” informative as director of a finalist short film.



Cosmic Rain – finalist World of Knowledge 2013


We are among the finalists in the International World of Knowledge Film Festival

Our film “The Cosmic Rain” is a finalist in the 2013 edition of the World of Knowledge Film Festival, San Petersburg, Russia.

The film will be screened in the festival contest in October.

This is the list of the 22 finalists where we can see great productions from all the world.

1. Party Animals, Jean-Yves Collet, France, 50 min, 2012
2. Return of the Hoopoe, Florian Berger, Stefan Polasek, Austria, 50 min, 2012
3. Galileo X (The Mystery Of the Stripes), Yamato Izumi, Japan, 26 min, 2012
4. Deep Into Space, Anne Milne, Alberto Iordanov, Scotland, 13 min, 2012
5. Grammar Of Happiness, Michael O’Neill, Randall Wood, Australia, 52 min, 2012
6. Living With Robots, Elodie Fertil, France, 52 min, 2012
7. The Green Universe, Jan Haft, Germany, 93 min, 2012
8. Terra X. Pioneers of Steel, Birgit Tanner & Mira Thiel, Germany, 43 min, 2012
9. Catastrophes: How Life Learned To Survive? Dr. Tobias Schultes, Germany, 43 min, 2013
10. Cosmology, Ulrike Lehmann, Germany, 6 min, 2012
11. The Lithium Revolution, Andreas Pichler, Germany, Spain, 52 min, 2012
12. Worlds of Andrey Linde, Elena Laskari, Russia, 44 min, 2012 г.
13. Mission To The Caucasus, Marco Preti, Italy, 52 min, 2012
14. Horseshoe Crabs, Tom Fitz, USA, 16 min, 2012
15. Ant Wars, Stefan Geier, Germany- France, 52 min, 2012
16. The Cosmic Rain, Daniel Vega Martinez, Spain, 24 min, 2012
17. Judgement in Nuremberg: The Look To The Past, Olga Komarevtseva, Russia, 39 min, 2012
18. The Tubekulez, Stanislav Demchenko, Russia, 26 min, 2013
19. Countdown to a Catastrophe: Volcanoes, Stefan Schneider, Germany, 43 min, 2012
20. Supercomputer, Vladimir Kushkin, Russia, 52 min, 2013
21. Meerkats, Anne Sommerfield, Andrew Graham-Brown, UK, 47 min, 2012
22. The Space Killers, Sergey Shatilo, Russia, 41 min, 2013


Cosmic Rain – finalist FICCAD 2013


The Cosmic Rain finalist in the Doñana´s Science and Nature Film Festival 2013

Our scientific film The Cosmic Rain has been selected as finalist in the 2013 edition of FICCAD, Doñana´s International Science and Nature Film Festival.


Talk at CAB on science films


Talk about scientific films and The Cosmic Rain screening at CAB/NASA Astrobiology institute.

Today we saw The Cosmic Rain at the Centro de Astrobiología (INTA/CSIC/NASA) and we had a talk about using films for science communication.


Wild Iberian Lynx


Here you have  one picture (one frame of a video) of a wild iberian lynx we recorded this March.

Three weeks of work for two minutes of video …