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Prebiotic molecules in the cold space

Prebiotic molecules in the cold space In this conceptual image there is a dense molecular cloud visible from the newly formed surface of a planet. Molecular clouds are accumulations of cosmic matter that is composed of organic and inorganic molecules. The dust grains in a cosmic molecular cloud are mainly composed of crystalline silicates covered […]

Cosmic rays cause lightning

What causes lighting? This is a night photograph I took in a thunderstorm in Argentina. A theory proposed by Gurevich twenty years ago and recently demonstrated, says that lightning is formed from the collisions between cosmic rays and water droplets present in thunderclouds.  Cosmic rays entering thunder clouds cause the air in them to be ionized, resulting in a […]

There is another Aurora that you don´t know

Aurora and particle showers Aurora Borealis over Finnish skies. I took this photograph in northern Finland in October 2014.  We are really used to these images. When little energy cosmic rays coming from the Sun get close to Earth, the magnetic field of our planet drives this particles to the north (Aurora Borealis) or south […]

Cherenkov water tanks for cosmic rays detection

Water tanks This is one of the 1600 water tanks used in the Pierre Auger Observatory, in Argentina. The illustration shows the tank and a cosmic rays shower at the background. When charged particles in the shower pass through the tank that is filled with water they create a faint blue light known as Cherenkov light. […]